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This is a small community to talk about comic books, and other stuff.

A little ranting is fine, but I'm not interested in reading ONLY about the gloom & doom of comics all the time. if that's what you're interested in talking about, then there are plenty of other comic sites for you to do so. I'd much rather hear about what comics crank your motors.

Give some reviews of comics you really dig. Or don't dig. Talk about the latest comics biz. Speculate about upcoming comics based flicks. Have fun. Enjoy.

No eBay ads, selling stuff or spam. There's the_comic_trade for that.

Community moderated by comicbook/yellowperil.

Some sites I read up on for all the latest yakity-yak re:comics industry:

newsarama.com - probably the best source of comics info out there.
comic book resources
Joe Quesada discussion forums
DC Comics messageboards

Free Comic Book Day 2003 was another success! I gave away lots of copies of my comic!